Transparent LED

Nexnovo is the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s first transparent LED displays. These transparent LED walls are specially designed for a wide range of applications.

Nexnovo stands for “Next Innovation”, the inventor and manufacturer of the world’s first transparent LED displays. With 29 of their own patents, they constantly strive for the highest quality of their products. This allows them to combine an image and reality through super transparent LED displays.

Current product models include the XT, XRW, NR and NS series, which are designed for a wide range of applications such as shop windows, restaurants, shopping centers, airports, museums, financial institutions, trade shows, events, festivals, media architecture and many other areas. With a pixel distance of 2.5 mm to 30 mm and a brightness between 1000nits and 7500nits. NEXNOVO products are by far the brightest and brightest transparent LED screen in the world.

In short, with a transparency of more than 80% and a high resolution, the ideal interpretation to bring your building to life.

Nexnovo installation at NikeTown London.

Single transparent LED wall solutions

For windows advertising all around the world.

This transparent digital poster, the Nexnovo XT series, is the best advertising solution for every shop window.
In this way you not only block the incoming daylight, which happens with normal posters, but you can also determine from a distance
what content you want to show.

NJ Series

of window advertising of Retail store.

Transparent LED Display Screen Solution for projects

The NJ series has been specially designed because of the demand for window advertising in stores.
Show your image without losing daylight, which enters through the window. We are happy to help you select the right module
so that you can get the most out of the solution.

Some features of the Nexnovo solutions

Unrivaled transparency

High brightness

Stable performance

Central control

Cost efficiency

“CRJ Audio Visueel is an official Certified Service Partner of Nexnovo”